Growing need for transparency. Do you have the necessary tools?

    Riza Celep  July 25 2013 01:21:37 AM

    Image:Growing need for transparency. Do you have the necessary tools?

    In today’s economic climate, companies are constantly faced with strained budgets and are focused on keeping costs low in order to remain competitive. With this being said, companies are still spending hefty amount on compliance and auditing tools – all thanks to growing corporate need and government regulatory transparency. To meet such requirements, companies are always on the lookout for robust and reliable tools that will facilitate information logging and reporting, solutions that are proven and easy to use with enterprise wide implementation. Having such tools assists companies in meeting compliance and auditing requirements, whether internal or for external policies.

    Since its release, Extracomm’s SecurTrac solution has assisted many companies in enabling compliance requirements (internal and external). SecurTrac, a comprehensive tool that monitors and audits your knowledge assets, is a non-disruptive and non intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities within the IBM Notes Domino environment.

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