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How to install the SecurTrac Plug-in for HCL Notes clients

1. Introduction.

By extending the features of the HCL Notes client which is based on the Expeditor platform, SecurTrac provides an Eclipse plug-in that allows you to retrieve a SecurTrac audit trail log history for a currently selected document in a Notes database.

SecurTrac Plug-in version compatibility:

SecurTrac Plugin is compatible with SecurTrac 2.4.x & 2.5.x & 2.6.x

Important Note:

In order to use this feature:

1. SecurTrac 2.5.x or 2.6.x must be installed on the Domino 8.5.x or higher server.
2. The HTTP task must be running on your Domino server.
3. The SCTWsif.nsf database(included with install package) database must be created on the Domino Server.
4. A SecurTrac log database containing log information must exist on the server.

2. Installing the SecurTrac Plug-in.

Use the following instructions to install the SecurTrac Plug-in into the Notes standard client sidebar.

1. Start the Notes standard client.

2. Select File > Preferences > Widgets.

3. Check the field, and click OK.

Result: The My Widgets panel displays in the sidebar.

4. Attached is a sample widget file extension extension.xml that would install the plug-in from an Extracomm Server. You can edit the sample file and change it to download the plug-in from your internal Domino server that has SecurTrac installed with http running. The field that needs to be updated is as follows: url=""> Replace with your server host name. Once extension.xml file is updated, drag the widget extension file to the My Widgets panel in the Notes client:

Result: The Installation dialog box displays asking you whether you want to install the plug-in.

5. Select the radio button labeled Install this plug-in and then click OK.

6. Click Restart Now to restart the Notes client.

Result: The Notes client is restarted and the SecurTrac Plug-in is displayed in the right-hand sidebar.

3. Configuring the SecurTrac Plug-in.

1. After the installation is complete, click the “Wrench” icon to configure the SecurTrac plug-in.

2. The SecurTrac plug-in preferences page will be displayed. Complete the configuration as required. For a description of the configurable fields, review the table below for more information. Once completed, click Apply and OK.

SecurTrac plug-in configuration - Field descriptions

4. Uninstalling the SecurTrac Plug-in.

1. In the Notes client, expand the My Widgets sidebar, right click the SecurTrac plug-in and select remove.

2. A prompt similar to below will appear:

3. Click Yes to confirm removal of the SecurTrac plug-in.

4. Once the SecurTrac plug-in is removed, a prompt will appear asking to restart the Notes client.

5. Click Yes to restart the Notes client.


extension.xml extension.xml