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How to configure a NOTES.INI File Monitor

You can monitor changes to Domino settings in the critical Domino server file (NOTES.INI) by using the NOTES.INI File Monitor feature of SecurTracTM. To configure the NOTES.INI Monitor, you need to open the SecurTrac Configuration Database (SCTCFG.NSF)

To create a NOTES.INI File Monitor:
  1. Open the SecurTrac Configuration Database (SCTCFG.NSF).
  2. In the left pane, select .
  3. Click the button on the action bar.
  4. Specify the preferred configuration settings and click the button.
  5. Below is a table describing each of the available configurations within the NOTES.INI Monitor.

Basics Tab:

Server To MonitorServer(s)Either select "All in the Domain" or "Only the following" servers.

If you select "All in the Domain", the NOTES.INI on all servers in the current domain will be monitored by SecurTracTM.

If you select "Only the following", a list box will be shown for you to select the specific server(s) in the current domain to be monitored. Click on the button to choose the server(s) you want to monitor.

DescriptionDescriptionThis is an optional field which allows user to input description or remark for this monitor.
Log DatabaseFile nameSelect

Log to the default databaseThe corresponding log will be stored in Central Log Database (SctLog.nsf).
Log to the specified databaseThe corresponding log will be stored in the database you specified.
Server nameSelect

Log to the server where the event occurredThe corresponding log will be created on the same server where the event occurred.

Log to the specified server
The corresponding log will be created on the server you specified. If you select this option, please make sure the originating server has sufficient access to the remote log database on this specified server.
Multiple Monitors Matched HandlingSingle log entryThis is the default option. Select this option if you want SecurTracTM to generate one log entry only for all monitor(s) matched.
Multiple log entries Select this option if you want SecurTracTM to generate a new log entry for each monitor matched.
EnablementDisable this monitorIf this field was checked, SecurTracTM will temporarily disable the monitoring of any changes to the NOTES.INI file.

Monitor Tab:

ExceptionDon't generate log if no notes.ini parameters were modifiedSelect this option to prevent logging if there is no change in NOTES.INI parameters, even though the notes.ini file was re-saved.
Ignore changes to the following parameter(s)When changes occur to the specified NOTES.INI parameters, no log will be generated.
Notification ListMailing addressSelect the person who will receive an immediate e-mail notification when there is a change to the NOTES.INI.
ImportanceYou can set the importance of the e-mail notification.
Delivery Priority You can set the delivery priority of the e-mail notification.
Customize E-Mail Notification MessageSelect this option if you want to customize the subject and content of the e-mail notification message.
Add fieldAllows you to select predefined reserved fields.

Report Tab:

ScheduleRun FrequencySelect the frequency of which the report is run. Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
Run at timeSpecify the time that the report should be run at.
Days of weekSpecify the days of the week that the report should run on.
Notification ListMailing AddressSpecify the mailing addresses of the people who should be notified of the reports.
ImportanceSpecify the importance of the message.
Delivery PrioritySpecify the delivery priority of the message.
Customize E-mail Notification MessageOption to customize the E-mail notification.
Add fieldAllows you to select predefined reserved fields.
EnablementDisable sending reportIf this field is checked, SecurTracTM will temporarily disable the sending of any reports.

Administration Tab:

AdministrationOwnerSpecify the owner of the monitor document.
AdministratorsSpecify person(s) who can modify the current monitor document.
Settings Modification HistoryDateShows the date of modification for the current monitor document.
Updated byShows the persons who have modified the current monitor document.