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How to Create Mail Policy - Attachment List Documents.

The Mail Policy Monitor function of SecurTracTM can audit/quarantine/copy/delete any e-mails that route through a Domino server. Using this powerful feature, companies can enforce e-mail security policies. As part of the Mail Policy feature, SecurTrac can search through e-mails looking to see if there are any matches based on file attachment extension patterns. If there are any matches, that e-mail can be optionally audited/quarantined/copied/deleted.

Included in SCTCfg.ntf(SecurTrac Configuration Template database), you will find some sample Attachment List documents that you can simply copy and paste into the active SCTCfg.nsf (SecurTrac Configuration database.) Feel free to edit them as well, if you want to add some additional file attachment extensions.

To create Mail Policy -Attachment List documents, you need to open the SecurTrac Configuration Database (SCTCFG.NSF)
  1. Open the SecurTrac Configuration Database (SCTCFG.NSF).
  2. In the left pane, select .
  3. Select the Attachment List view as seen below:

4. Click the button on the action bar.

5. Specify the preferred pattern settings and click the button.

6. Below is a table describing each of the available options within the Attachment List document.

Basics Tab:

Attachment ListNameInput a name label for the Attachment List document.
DescriptionThis is an optional field which allows user to input description or remark for this Attachment List document.
File ExtensionSpecify file name extensions, e.g. MOV, EXE to be included in the Attachment List document. Separate each individual entry with a comma or new line.

Administration Tab:

AdministrationOwnerSpecify the owner of the monitor document.
AdministratorsSpecify person(s) who can modify the current monitor document.
Settings Modification HistoryDateShows the date of modification for the current monitor document.
Updated byShows the persons who modified the current monitor document.

7. After you have specified the file attachment extensions, you can click on the button to sort them into alphabetical order.