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How to use the SecurTrac Plug-in for Notes Standard Client

Once the SecurTrac plug-in has been installed and configured>>Database 'SecurTrac 2.3.2 Admin Guide Working Copy', View 'd. Printed Book', Document 'How to install the SecurTrac Plug-in for Lotus Notes 8', you can now quickly perform searches in the SecurTrac log database to obtain the detailed audit trail log history for a currently selected document or database.

Usage Requirements:

1. Access the SecurTrac plug-in through the Notes client sidebar:

2. SecurTrac plug-in toolbar descriptions:

3. While in a Notes database, either open or select the document for which you want to obtain an audit trail log history from the SecurTrac log database.

4. Specify the range of time for which you want to search and then click on the Search icon to search for related logs for that document, or click to search for related logs for the entire database. To abort a search that is in progress, click the icon.

5. Once the current SecurTrac log file has been searched, all results will be returned, as seen in the sample below:

6. To view detailed SecurTrac log information about a specific log entry, double click the item in the search results window. The complete SecurTrac log details will be displayed in the Notes client.

It should also be noted that when a search is performed, the SecurTrac plug-in will also display search progress information on the Notes client status bar.

7. (Optional) Copy the search results to the clipboard and paste them into excel

8. (Optional) Click the icon to clear the previous search results.