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SecurTrac 2.6.1 Upgrade Installation Procedures

Important Note: For SecurTrac installations on non-Windows platforms, please refer to the installation guide that comes with the SecurTrac installation package.

Please review the following important details before you begin the installation of SecurTrac:

Ensure that you have already installed the Domino server software properly on the server hardware where SecurTracTM will be installed. Please refer to the HCL Domino Install Guide(Provided by HCL) for complete step-by-step instructions about setting up the Domino server software.

Ensure that the SecurTracTM executable will be installed in the SAME directory as the HCL Domino server executable files.

Note that the SecurTracTM installation will modify the Domino server Notes.ini file.

SecurTracTM database templates will be copied into a directory called SecurTracTM (default name) within the Domino data directory.

Note: As a precaution, ensure that you have a current backup of your Domino Server installation, before proceeding with the installation of SecurTracTM.