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How to enable SecurTrac to lookup a Host Name and MAC Address on a Windows DHCP server

If enabled to do so, SecurTrac can use a detected IP address to lookup the host name and mac address of the PC where activity is originating from via a Windows DHCP server. This function supports dynamic IP Addresses only. It does not support static IP addresses.

Follow these steps to enable this extended feature:

1. Set SCTTCPIPLookupEnable=1 in the Domino server notes.ini file.

2. Open a command prompt and create the SecurTrac service. If the Domino server is not based on the Windows platform, it is possible to setup the SecurTrac Windows service on another Windows server computer instead.

Open a command prompt with Administrator right, type:

sc create "SecurTrac Service" binPath= "C:\Lotus\Domino\SCTWinService.exe" DisplayName= "SecurTrac Service" start= auto obj= .\SecurTrac password= xxxxxxxx

SecurTrac Service- SecurTrac Service Name
C:\Lotus\Domino\SCTWinService.exe- SecurTrac Service file path Windows DHCP Server IP address
.\SecurTrac- Username (Service Log on as)
password- Password

Note: The service default listening port is "8888". If you want to change to different port number, you can supply the 2nd parameter for the service.
e.g. binPath= "C:\Lotus\Domino\SCTWinService.exe 8889" The service will then listen on port 8889.

3. Please confirm that user account specified above has access rights to the DHCP server.

4. When the SecurTrac Addin Task starts up, SecurTrac will try to connect to SecurTrac service locally. If the service is unreachable, SecurTrac will display an error message on the
Domino server console.

If the SecurTrac service is running on another computer or using non-default port number, you need to specify the IP address or port number of the computer in Notes.ini file.

Notes.ini ParametersDescription
SCTDHCPServerDefault : localhost
Specify IP address of the computer which runs the SecurTrac service
e.g. SCTDHCPServer=
SCTDHCPServerPortDefault : 8888
Specify port number used by the SecurTrac service.
e.g. SCTDHCPServerPort=8889