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Mail Monitor - Update Logs

The Mail Monitor Update log shows detailed information about any instances whereby a user has altered an e-mail that they had previously sent or received.

InitiatorAddress/Notes user ID who initiated the action
Mail File TitleThe title of the Mail File where the action was performed
TimeDate and time the action took place
Mail File PathRelative path of the mail database file location in the Domino data directory
ActionLogs the type of action e.g. Open/Send/Route/Receive/Delete/Undeliver/Illegal Open
Used Full Access Admin privilegeWas the Full Access Administration privilege used
Triggered by MonitorThe monitor(s) which triggered the log. It will show the description of the monitor, if the monitor description exists. Otherwise, it shows the document ID for the monitor document. A link allows you to open the Monitor document that triggered the log.
ServiceThe service used for the connection
Port NameThe connection port name
AddressThe IP address of the computer that connected to the server
Message IDUNID(Unique Identifier) of the e-mail
FormName of the database document form that was used. i.e. "Memo"
SenderAddress/Notes user ID of the sender
PrincipalThe Address/Notes user ID of the mail file database owner from which the e-mail was sent
SubjectSubject of the e-mail
Send ToAddress(es) of the e-mail recipient(s)
Copy ToAddress(es) of the e-mail recipient(s) who were CC'd in the e-mail
Blind Copy ToAddress(es) of the e-mail recipient(s) who were BCC'd in the e-mail
RecipientsAddress(es) of all e-mail recipient(s). Groups would be expanded
EncryptedIs the e-mail is encrypted
SignedIs the e-mail signed
Message Body tabThe content(Body) of the e-mail
Message Body - Text ChangesThe content(Body) of the e-mail that was changed during the update action.
Message Attachment tabAttachment information and Attachment content