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Mail Monitor - Route Logs

The Mail Monitor Route logs show detailed information about e-mail that has been routed to another server. Please note that LOG_MAILROUTING=40 parameter must be included in the Domino Server notes.ini. The following table describes all fields in the log:

InitiatorAddress/Notes user ID who initiated the action
Mail File TitleThe title of the Mail File where the action was performed
TimeDate and time the e-mail was sent
Mail File PathRelative path of the mail database file location in the Domino data directory
ActionLogs the type of action e.g. Open/Send/Route/Receive/Delete/Undeliver/Illegal Open
Used Full Access Admin privilegeWas the Full Access Administration privilege used
Triggered by MonitorThe monitor(s) which triggered the log. It will show the description of the monitor, if the monitor description exists. Otherwise, it shows the document ID for the monitor document. A link allows you to open the Monitor document that triggered the log.
Message IDUNID(Unique Identifier) of the e-mail
SenderAddress/Notes user ID of the sender
Send ToAddress(es) of the e-mail recipient(s)
RecipientsAddress(es) of all e-mail recipient(s). Groups would be expanded
Destination ServerName of the destination server