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Example: How to Protect your Confidential E-mail.

ACME Ltd. has implemented a new Notes' plug-in for sending confidential email. By installing the plug-in, a new CONFIDENTIAL mail form is used for sending e-mail. The plug-in would automatically add the word "CONFIDENTIAL: " at the beginning of the subject field. The Notes administrator found that there is no way to trace the flow of these confidential e-mails. For example, which servers are involved in the routing of these confidential e-mails, does the receiver alter the content of these confidential e-mails etc..

To improve the usage of the plug-in, the Notes administrator can create a mail monitor to audit the flow of all these confidential e-mails.

To create a Mail Monitor for confidential e-mails:
  1. Open the SecurTrac Configuration Database (SCTCFG.NSF).
  2. In the left pane, select .
  3. Click the on the action bar.
  4. In section of 'Basics' tab, type in ' * '.
  5. In section of 'Basic' tab, select 'Central Log Database'
  6. In section of 'Monitor --> Mail Action' tab, check ALL the fields.
  7. In of 'Monitor' tab, type " @Begins(Subject; "Confidential:") ".
  8. In section of 'Monitor --> Mail Action' tab, check the field 'Log Mail Content'
  9. In section of 'Monitor --> Mail Action' tab, select 'Log Attachment(s) Info and Content'.
  10. Complete the configuration and click the button.

To view the mail logs for the above mentioned confidential e-mails and trace their history:
  1. Open the SecurTrac Central Log Database (SCTLOG.NSF).
  2. In the left pane, select and then Mail Action log.
  3. In the right pane, a list of the e-mail logs will be shown. These logs are sorted by date and time.
  4. Double click the record you are looking for and the details of the log will be shown.
  5. To track the history of a specified confidential e-mail, click the Related Logs button.

    All logs associated with this confidential e-mail will be filtered out and sorted by date and time. Double click the record to see the details of the particular log.