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SecurTrac for HCL Domino

As we send and store more information electronically, we have come to expect that such information is always processed in a safe and secure environment. To effectively track and manage electronic data, it is often necessary to answer the following four questions:

When your Domino system is being attacked and/or intruded upon by hackers, you may experience one or more of the following malicious events:

With SecurTrac monitoring your HCL Domino servers, you can save your company from disaster by detecting malicious activities or vulnerabilities early.

SecurTracTM is a native HCL Domino add-in task used to enhance the security of the overall Domino environment including database applications and e-mail.

SecurTracTM is designed to:

Although Domino is a reliable platform which provides mail encryption, electronic signature and authentication, it does not provide sufficient tracking mechanisms for those users who demand a higher level of security for their electronic correspondence and document transactions. SecurTracTM is designed to track and log the entire life-cycle of e-mail messages and database documents within the Domino environment.

Lotus Awards 2008 - SecurTrac named a finalist in
the Best Messaging and Collaboration Solution category.

Best in Compliance Category

" short, the ability to create an audit trail -- can be invaluable when it comes to complying with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA."
Best in Auditing, Compliance, and Retention Tools Category

"This tool is ideal if you want a robust audit trail of changes to mission-critical applications. "
" Anyone with auditing requirements in their applications or with interest in securing the flow of information due to regulatory requirements would be well served to evaluate and deploy SecurTrac™ "

SecurTrac won both in Reader's and Editor's Choice Award in the Security Category.