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Database Monitor - Document Change Log

The Database Monitor Document change log shows detailed information about modifications to the databases being monitored. The following table describes all fields in the log:

InitiatorAddress/Notes user ID who initiated the action
TimeDate and time the event was detected
Database TitleTitle of the database which is being accessed
Database PathRelative path of the database file location in the Domino data directory
FormName of the database document form that was used.
ActionType of action taken. The value can be either "Open", "Create", "Update", "Delete"
Document IDUNID(Unique Identifier) of the document
Is From ReplicationDid the change originate from another server via replication
Last Update PersonThe last person who has updated the document
Last Update TimeThe time at which the document was last updated
Used Full Access Admin privilegeWas the Full Access Administration privilege used
Triggered by MonitorThe monitor(s) which triggered the log. It will show the description of the monitor, if the monitor description exists. Otherwise, it shows the document ID for the monitor document. A link allows you to open the Monitor document that triggered the log.
ServiceThe service used in the connection
Port NameThe connection port name
AddressThe IP address of the computer that connected to the server
Document HeaderThis header section will display only when in the Database Monitor document you have typed in the specified field(s) in the "field(s) to be shown in the header"
Monitor Fields tabField Name(s), along with updated values and original values. Changes are highlighted in yellow for easy distinction.
Rich Text tabThe original value of the Rich Text Fields
* The maximum no. of Rich Text field that can be logged is 5
Attachment tabAttachment information and Attachment content