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Mail Monitor Logs

The Mail Monitor log shows audit information for all e-mail events. There are eleven log types associated with the Mail Monitor. The following table provides an overview of all these log types.

Open LogShows audit information about e-mail being opened(read).
Illegal Open LogShows audit information for illegal attempts by users to open another person's e-mail
Sent LogShows audit information about sending e-mail
Receive LogShows audit information about receiving e-mail
Update Log

Empty Trash Log
Shows audit information about updating e-mail

Shows audit information about deleting e-mail
Undeliver LogShows audit information of for undelivered e-mail
Route LogShows audit information about routing of e-mail
Delegation Change LogShows audit information about the delegation of a user's mail database
ACL Change LogShows audit information about any ACL changes to mail databases being monitored
Bulk Action LogShows audit information of all events that match the user defined bulk action criteria
StatisticsShows statistics of user's mail activities which includes Send, Receive, Delegation Profile changes and ACL changes
How to view log information for the Mail Monitor:

  1. Open the SecurTrac Log Database (SCTLOG.NSF or user defined log database).
  2. In the left pane, select and then the specific e-mail log you want.
  3. In the right pane, a list of e-mail logs will be shown. These logs can be sorted by user or by date/time.
  4. Double click the record you are looking for and details of the log will be shown.