FAXAMGR Troubleshooting

Link:  http://www.extracomm.com/Extracomm/FAQ.NSF/FAQs/0452b4b2a2b9aa7685256b6b00526396
Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  05/04/2022

    You may got the following errors related with FAXAMGR:

    1. Extrafax Problem launching FAXAMGR: Unable to invoke Program
    2. Extrafax problem loading FAXAMGR: The remote server is not a known TCP/IP host.
    3. Extrafax Problem loading FAXAMGR: Server not responding
    4. Extrafax Problem loading FAXAMGR: You're not allowed to use the server
    5. Extrafax Problem loading FAXAMGR: Connection denied. The server you connected to have a different name from the one requested.
    6. Extrafax Problem loading FAXAMGR: You are not authorized to use the remote console on this server
    7. FAXAMGR: Termination stat: run xxx/xxx, work set

    To solve:

    1. Make sure the nfaxamgr.exe program is in the Domino program directory.

    2. Make sure the server connection documents are ok.

    3. Check your Address Book - Server Document, Ports section - Notes Network Port, in the Net Address field, input your Computer name or IP address of your machine.

      3.1 On Domino server console, type "Trace <Your Domino server full name>", e.g. Trace Server1/ACME, you will get the hints of what address the Domino server is using.
      3.2 You can try to ping <address field>" to see whether you can resolve it or not.

    4. Add your server name to your NT host file (\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\). Add the following line:

    servername <your ip address>

    5. Add your server name to the "administrators" field in the Basics section of the Server document in Names and Address Book.

    6. Check whether your have remote access to server. You must be listed in the Server Document Administrator Access field or in the ADMIN_ACCESS variable in the server's NOTES.INI.

    7. Check if the following fields are empty in the ExtraFax Server Configuration document:
        Pre-Transmission Processing Agent:

        Post-Transmission Processing Agent:

        Post-Reception Agent:

      If so, ExtraFax server should skip executing the FaxAmgr. Also remember to sign those agents with sufficient rights.

    8. Check if memory is too low. Faxamgr will monitor the memory usage. Once the committed memory exceeds certain limit, it will restart itself.

    9. Try to remove the cached fields in the ExtraFax Server document.



    10. Try to run FAXAMGR manually by:
          load faxamgr "Extrafax.nsf" "pre-TransmissionProcessing"