ExtraFax Return Codes

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Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino

Last Modified Date:  05/25/2017

List of ExtraFax Return Codes: (last updated on 2005-05-17)

1001: This is for Notes version 4.x or greater
1002: For complete functionalities, please run version designate for 3.x server
1003: Failed to load filter
1004: Filter entry point not found
1005: Device Manager for port dead, will attempt to restart
1006: Failed to assimilate Rich Text Field
1007: Failed to construct hotspot Rich Text Field
1008: Failed to attach image
1009: Failed to save the hotspot Rich Text Field
1010: Incomplete fax called, nothing received
1011: Automatic printing failed to start spool job
1012: Automatic printing failed to create device context
1013: Sender not in licensed user list, check server document
1014: Fail to render document
1015: No suitable import filter
1016: Fax to recipient has been spooled to port
1017: Fax address format incorrect
1018: No fax image is rendered
1019: Exception trapped while exporting Rich Text Field
1020: Native printing failed
1021: Missing component (renderer)
1022: Not enough space, service temperarily halted
1023: Error updating job status
1024: Problem removing interim G3 images
1025: Failed to open extrafax.nsf for sending delivery report
1026: Multiple outgoing line available in ExtraFax or ExtraFax/Pro only
1027: Dummy Print Server functionality available in ExtraFax/Pro only
1028: Your Brooktrout card(s) may not have this channel
1029: GammaFax service not found or not started
1030: Fax modem class selected is incompatable with the device capabilities
1031: Port attached is not a fax modem
1032: Problem identifying fax modem attached to port, will try later
1034: Problem accessing master spool directory
1035: Problem creating INI file for Device Manager
1036: Problem activating device manager
1037: Device Manager for port started using spool directory
1038: Closing Device Manager
1039: Scanning processing job spooled to port
1040: Device manager on closed
1041: Cancelling sending to recipient
1042: Job send to recipient seems to take unreasonable time, will retry
1043: GammaFax service has been re-inited
1044: Can't open the log document for fax job send to recipient
1045: Can't open the original document for fax job send to recipient
1046: Error updating send log
1047: Quit request received
1048: Another instance is running
1049: Running as server addin using id
1050: Running as workstation application using id
1051: No home server defined, must quit
1052: Problem looking up Post office information, must quit now
1053: Foreign Domain has been created
1054: Use the format joe@fax-number@fax-domain to send fax to joe at fax-number
1055: Can't create foreign domain, please do it manually
1056: Running as workstation application must have the domain properly setup, must quit
1057: Can't open the local NAB, you may need to fix this
1058: Running as workstation application without local NAB, completely lost, must quit
1059: installing new PO, may take a while
1060: Signing Agents in PO using id
1061: Agents in PO signed, Updating NAB security to allow a particular server/user to run agents
1062: Failed to sign agents, please do it manually such that Domino web server process can run them
1063: new fax server configuration document created in PO
1064: new PO installation completed
1065: Error creating new PO
1066: Please fix the problem and re-load
1067: Can't open the PO template
1068: Copy a good template to the data directory and re-load
1069: Failed to open PO this time
1070: Terminated
1071: No import filter defined in NOTES.INI
1072: Demo expired, please contact vendor
1073: Demo version will expire after a particular date
1074: Demo version limits incoming/outgoing job to 2 pages
1075: Serving fax domain
1076: Post Office database
1077: Ready to serve
1078: Back to work
1079: License expired, please contact vendor
1080: Go to sleep (to release the PO database)
1081: Compacting database
1082: Compact completed successfully
1083: Compact failed
1084: Terminating, may take as long as 2 minutes
1085: Exception trapped
1086: Reloading
1087: Found port Brooktrout channel(s)
1088: GammaFax sub-system found
1089: GammaFax sub-system found but not active
1090: fax modem found on port, will update configuration if needed
1091: modem found on port, but it does not have fax capability
1093: Port configuration changed, will reinit
1094: Server configuration changed but it is still busy, will put in halt mode
1095: Server configuration changed, will restart in 2 minutes
1096: License upgraded
1097: Problem verifying printer setup for native printing
1098: Problem install printer for native printing
1099: Failed to open a waiting job
1100: Job has no recipient specified
1101: Problem running pre-process agent
1102: License upgrade received
1103: Failed to open server configuration document
1104: Server/user has been added to AMGR list to run agents as well as carry out remote console function
1105: Adding views to NAB(s) for web usage
1106: View has been added to extrafax.nsf
1107: View cannot be added to extrafax.nsf
1108: View already exist in extrafax.nsf (skipped)
1109: Template already exist
1110: Please manually merge the design with extrafax.ntf if needed
1111: Stock PO template shipped with distribution not found
1112: You may need to copy it manually to the template directory
1113: Another GammaFax device is active, this one will be skipped
1114: Standard license limits to 2 outgoing lines for fax board, port skipped
1115: Standard license limits to 2 incoming lines for fax board, port skipped
1116: Waiting device managers to clean up
1117: Problem converting tiff for printing
1118: Fax board support is disabled in Lite version
1119: Multiple channel support for fax boardis available in Pro version only
1120: User is listed as a licensed user for this server
1121: License key
1122: License identified
1123: Attachment from unknown host
1124: Problem detach
1125: Job document deleted while processing
1126: GammaFax support is disabled in lite versions
1127: Working set size ?(MB)
1128: New fax received in port imported
1129: Outgoing fax through port to recipient has been completed
1130: Large number of incoming faxes piled up in spool area, please clean up
1131: Problem importing new fax received in port
1132: Large number of invalid job requests piled up, please clean up
1133: Job exceed recipient/page count quota
1134: Found Dialogic channel(s)