What are the differences between Brooktrout TruFax 200/400 BRI and TruFax 250/450 BRI fax boards?

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Apply to:  ExtraFax for Exchange; ExtraFax for Domino

Last Modified Date:  07/24/2013

TruFax 250/450 BRI supports ECM (Error Correction Mode) and MMR compression, and hence can ensure high first-attempt transmission rate and reduces transmission time.

It is especially important for having ECM. For fax communication, line noise may affect the received fax quality. The impact of line noise can be reduced by ECM, which checks fax document line by line during transmission. If it detects errors caused by line noise, it resends the same line to ensure good quality, and hence more resistant to the line noise impact.

Therefore, we would suggest using TruFax 250/450 BRI, instead of using TruFax 200/400 BRI.

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