What fax modem work best with ExtraFax?

Link:  http://www.extracomm.com/Extracomm/FAQ.NSF/FAQs/712348fa741a41de48256545001345a0
Apply to:  ExtraFax for Exchange; ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  10/20/2015

In general, ExtraFax can support internal or external analog modems with fax class 1, 2 or 2.0.

ExtraFax works well with most off-the-shelf fax modems out of the box with the standard init strings EXCEPT USR.

Based on our user feedbacks, MultiTech fax modems work best with ExtraFax. Alternatively, you may consider using other brands of fax modems that compatible with fax class 2.

For external modem, we would recommend using MultiTech MultiModem ZBA.

For internal modem, we would recommend using MultiTech MultiModem ZPX.