How to test if your mobile phone can support sending SMS using Microsoft HyperTerminal?

Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino 6.5 or above

Last Modified Date:  07/11/2007

In this example, we use Sony Ericcson K500 as our test phone.

1. Connect your mobile phone to the appropriate port using the specific cable that suits your mobile phone. In our case, the cable is an ERI T610 cable that connects to a USB port. Depending on your mobile phone, you may need to install a driver. Figure 1 shows the device manager after I installed the driver for the mobile phone. Notice that a new USB Data Cable port COM5 appears.

Figure 1 Device Manager

2. Open Microsoft HyperTerminal. Enter a name for the connection. For example, type sms. See Figure 2.

Figure 2 Connection dialog box

3. You will see the “Connect to” dialog box. Choose the correct port. In our case, the port is COM5. Click OK to continue. See Figure 3.

Figure 3 Connect To dialog box

4. You will see the “Properties” dialog box. In “Bits per second”, choose 38400. Use default values for other settings. Click OK to continue. See Figure 4.

Figure 4 Properties dialog box

5. Now you are ready to test the mobile phone. First, reset the mobile phone modem by typing “atz” and press enter. You should see “OK”. See Figure 5.

6. Next type “at+csms?”. This is used to query the SMS capabilities of the mobile phone modem. You should see a response in the format
+CSMS: <service> <mt> <mo> <bm>
similar to the one shown in Figure 5.
If you see a response like “+CME ERROR”, the mobile phone may have problem sending SMS using AT-command.

Figure 5 Testing mobile phone

7. When you finished testing the mobile phone, disconnect using the menu “Call->Disconnect”.

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