Can I get notified when the fax is successfully sent?

Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  07/11/2007

ExtraFax behaves exactly like the Notes mail router. When you send a Notes mail, there is an option called delivery report. By default, this is set to 'Basic' which means if the mail (and fax in ExtraFax case) cannot be delivered, a non-delivery report will be sent to the sender. If this is set to 'Confirm', a delivery report would be sent to the sender when the fax is successfully sent(and the non-delivery report is still sent for failed recipients).

Starting from ExtraFax 4.51b, if there is no such field present in the document, the default behaviour would be 'Basic'. This default behaviour can be customized by a field 'deliveryreport' in the port configuration document. That is you can control the default notification behaviour for each individual port.