How to customize your fax cover sheet?

Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  07/11/2007

ExtraFax renders the cover sheets based on the following rules:

1. If a field called 'FaxCoverSheet' is presented in your document, the system will pick cover sheet form based on the value stored in that field.

2. If 'FaxCoverSheet' is not found, it will use the 'Form' field in your document to render the fax.

3.If 'Form' field is not found, it will use the Default Cover Sheet specified in the Server Configuration document.

Notes FieldValueMeanings
FaxCoverSheet"no"No cover sheet.
Whatever information in the Body rich text field will be rendered.
name of any other form e.g. "cover sheet 1",
"cover sheet 2"
These forms MUST be defined in the Post Office database.