Apply to:  ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  05/04/2022

Domino console shows "NIF: DETECTED STORAGE CORRUPTION ERROR" for the ExtraFax database. How can I resolve?

The ExtraFax database seems to be corrupted. Please try shutting down Domino server. Open a command prompt and run the compact and fixup tasks from there:

C:\Domino>ncompact -c -D -i extrafax.nsf
C:\Domino>nfixup extrafax.nsf
(assumed C:\Domino is the Domino program directory)

Additional Suggestions:
Here are some general guidelines for reducing the chance of database corruption:

1) If the ExtraFax database size is rather large (e.g. over 4GB), you may have to consider archiving or deleting some old documents, and then shutdown the ExtraFax server and compact the database. Alternatively, you can rename the existing ExtraFax database, and then recreate and reconfigure a new one.

2) Database backup maybe a potential cause of the database corruption. If you have backup software running on the server, e.g. Backup Exec, you may have to consider excluding backup of the ExtraFax database. Alternatively, if the fax traffic is not high at night, you can use Domino Program document to schedule shutdown ExtraFax server before the backup period, and schedule restart it after the backup process complete. Please refer to the ExtraFax Administration Guide about the steps for "Scheduled ExtraFax Server Shutdown/Restart".

3) Anti-virus software maybe a potential cause of the database corruption. If you suspect your anti-virus software causes the corruption of your ExtraFax database, you may consider configuring your anti-virus software to exclude scanning the ExtraFax database.

4) Shutdown the ExtraFax server, and then perform defragmentation on your server.

5) You may also consider setting the "Enable Database Compaction" option in ExtraFax Server Configuration to "No". This will prevent ExtraFax to run the daily compaction task automatically at 2:00 a.m. This may potentially reduce the chance of having database corruption.