Use Google Apps with ExtraFax for Exchange

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Last Modified Date:  11/05/2018

Can I use ExtraFax for Exchange with Google Apps ?

Yes. ExtraFax for Exchange supports Google Apps. This means Google Apps users can send and receive faxes from their inboxes.

You need a public email domain (fax domain) for your ExtraFax server in order for Google Apps to route the outgoing fax jobs to ExtraFax server.

This also means the MX record for the fax domain is setup properly and emails can be routed to the ExtraFax server.


The following diagrams show the setup of the ExtraFax server when using Google Apps.

Before deployment of ExtraFax for Exchange

After deployment of ExtraFax for Exchange

Creating ExtraFax user accounts for Google Apps users

[ This section assumes that an on-premise Active Directory also exist in your environment. If your environment uses Google Apps for Work only, please refer to the FAQ Connect ExtraFax for Exchange with Google Apps for Work / Google Drive / Google Cloud Printing ]

Assume your organization has already used the Google Apps Directory Sync tool to synchronize the on-premise Active Directory

user accounts with Google Apps. To create user accounts for ExtraFax, an ExtraFax administrator can simply define a User Synchronization

Rule and select the users from the Active Directory through the ExtraFax web administration interface, like so:

Sending fax from Google Apps Inbox

After user accounts are created on ExtraFax, Google Apps users can start sending and receiving faxes!

To send a fax:

1) Login to Google Apps

2) Switch to Email

3) Compose an email that is addressed to your fax domain (e.g. in this example). In the example below, a

Google contact "Charles Brown (FAX)" is created with an email address "".

4) Attach any documents for faxing as necessary.

5) When you are done, click Send.

6) After ExtraFax server has processed the fax job successfully, a confirmation email is sent back to the Google Apps Inbox.

Receiving fax in Google Apps Inbox

ExtraFax administrator can configure an Inbound Routing Rule to route incoming faxes to recipients' inboxes automatically.

When a fax is routed to its recipient, it will appear in the inbox.