Brooktrout board returns error 328, what is it?

Apply to:  ExtraFax for Exchange; ExtraFax for Domino All versions

Last Modified Date:  07/24/2013

Brooktrout Error 328 means: After dialing the number, no energy detected on the line for the wait_for_ced timeout period; possible dead line.

Possible solution:
Try adjusting the "ced_timeout" parameter in btcall.cfg, e.g. setting it with a larger value 9000.
Restart the computer after changing the btcall.cfg.

Information from Brooktrout documentation:
ced_timeout Specifies the length of time, in 10 ms units, to wait for a fax answer tone (CED tone) from a remote fax machine. This parameter can only be set if the host country permits changing the wait_for_ced_high and wait_for_ced_low (see Appendix G, Country-Specific Parameter Files on page 205) timeout values. The ced_timeout parameter also controls the amount of time CNG plays.
Maximum value is 65535 (655 seconds).
Value Type: decimal
Default: Country dependent; 4000 (40 secs) in the USA