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Softchoice Corporation

173 Dufferin Street
Suite 200

Toronto Ontario
Canada M6K 3H7

Tel: sales.1.800.268.7638
Fax: 416.588.9007

Contact:Michael Nguyen
Product Information Specialist
Sales Email:
Softchoice provides North American businesses and organizations of all sizes with a fast, flexible, and cost-effective way to research, buy and manage their software and hardware resources. A single source for a vast selection of industry leading technology brands, Softchoice delivers exceptional service through a network of highly trained outbound sales and customer service representatives, technical product specialists, and licensing experts. By combining innovative technology, eBusiness tools, and strategic partnerships with leading technology manufacturers, Softchoice is simply the best way for organizations to purchase all their computing needs.

Softchoice manages the software and licensing requirements for millions of computers across Canada and the United States. Our dedication to simplifying software purchasing has made us the fastest growing company in our market segment in the United States and number one in Canada. In September 2002, we increased our product portfolio by adding a wide selection of hardware for our customers to choose from. With approximately 150 highly trained outbound sales representatives in 32 regional sales offices located in most major North American cities, chances are Softchoice is already a part of your community.