Benefits of Searchable PDF in ExtraFax

      Improve access to information with ExtraFax and Searchable PDF:

      Nothing makes an employee more productive than giving them the ability to find and use information quickly. This reason is why most companies that have deployed ExtraFax, have chosen to do so using its ability to save faxes in a Searchable PDF format. A Searchable PDF is created by performing OCR on faxes that are sent and received in ExtraFax. A Searchable PDF includes an invisible text layer that makes keyword searches a trivial process for users. This text layer can be searched using keywords via the search feature of Adobe Acrobat Reader or other software and search engines that can read PDF files. Beyond being able to perform keyword searches, a Searchable PDF file also offers users the ability to select text in the document and copy it for use in other documents. Not only are Searchable PDF files useful to employees trying to perform their job functions, use of Searchable PDF makes information more accessible to software systems, like document management software and other business critical applications where the Searchable PDF files have been saved or imported. These software systems can also programmatically search for keywords and extract information as needed from the Searchable PDF with no manual user intervention.

      Main Reason why a Searchable PDF is a better choice than a standard PDF file:

      Imagine the effort it would take an employee to manually examine each and every page to find certain details in a complex 50-page document that was saved as a static image in a standard PDF file format; and then after spending significant time locating the needed information, the employee then realizes that copying the relevant text into another application like Word, is not possible. This overall process is extremely time-consuming and unproductive for employees. The solution is simple. In ExtraFax, save all fax documents as Searchable PDF instead of a standard PDF file and help make everyone’s ability to find information as easy as possible. Searchable PDF enhances the usefulness of information stored in documents. Companies that store all of their faxes in a Searchable PDF format are able to respond much more quickly to a customer request, since information can be located with ease using a simple search. This improves business efficiency and response times, which increases customer satisfaction which helps increase business and profitability.

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