ExtraFax for Exchange 3.1 is available for download now!

New Product Announcement - July 13, 2017

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax for Microsoft Exchange 3.1. This new major release contains many new features, essential enhancements and fixes as described below.

What's New in ExtraFax for Microsoft Exchange 3.1

New features and enhancements - This version contains the following useful new features and enhancements:

- Support Windows Server 2016

- Support Brooktrout 6.7.5 driver

- Support using ABBYY Recognition Server to generate searchable PDF files for sent and/or received faxes

- Support sending and receiving faxes with TE-SYSTEMS XCAPI

- Brooktrout Fax: Improve fax success rate by disabling V.34 modulation automatically when retrying to send a fax job

- In the Port Configuration, you can designate a fax port as an Express Line.
Fax jobs whose number of recipients exceeded the maximum value in the port will not be assigned to the Express Line.
This prevents bulk faxing from utilizing all the fax ports and blocking other transmissions.

- In the Port configuration, the setting "Allowed to Dial the Same Fax Number with Different Ports Concurrently" is enhanced so that this setting also works in multiple Port Servers environment.
If this value is "No", ExtraFax will assign recipients with same fax number to the same fax port.

- In the System Configuration, you can configure email notification settings so that if ExtraFax fails to connect to port servers within specified time interval,
emails will be sent to specified email addresses.

- Support billing for inbound faxes.

- Capability to calculate fax charges by page.

* New fixes and updates - ExtraFax for Microsoft Exchange 3.1 contains several fixes and updates:

- Avoid using GhostScript for rendering dynamic XFA PDF form

- Port Server: Fixed not all ports being displayed in the ExtraFax Log viewer

For new installation, please:

1. Follow the installation instructions mentioned in ExtraFax Installation Guide.

How to upgrade from a previous version of ExtraFax for Exchange:

Please make sure you have a valid ExtraFax 3.1 license key before upgrading. License keys from any previous version are not compatible.
You can upgrade to this version if you have purchased our Maintenance Plus Plan.

Please kindly contact our Authorized Reseller or Extracomm Sales Team at sales@extracomm.com for maintenance plan pricing.

Upgrade Procedure:

1. Backup your existing ExtraFax SQL Database and make note of any customizations.

2. Open ExtraFax Management Console. Stop all ExtraFax services.

3. In ExtraFax Management Console. Double-click License. Enter the new license key. Quit the ExtraFax Management Console.
(You can choose to update the license key after step 6. In that case, you can skip step 3.)

4. Run the new ExtraFax setup program to start installing the latest version of ExtraFax. You can perform in-place upgrades. There is no need to un-install the previous version of ExtraFax before installing ExtraFax for Exchange 3.1.

5. At the end of the installation, you will be asked to open the ExtraFax Management Console. Please open it. This will connect to the SQL Server and upgrade the database.

6. You will see a confirmation dialog box on success of the database upgrade. ExtraFax services will be started automatically.

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For more information on ExtraFax for Exchange, please contact Extracomm or an Authorized Extracomm Reseller.