ExtraTxt API

ExtraTxt 3.2 API

The ExtraTxt 3.0 API allows developers to add the following types of functionality into their applications.
  • Sending SMS-Text Messages
  • Querying SMS-Text Message Templates
  • Performing SMS-Text Message Merge
  • Querying Outgoing/Incoming SMS-Text Messages
  • Creating/Updating/Deleting Accounts
  • Creating/Updating/Deleting Users
  • Listing/Redeeming Coupons

The ExtraTxt API is entirely HTTP-based and it attempts to conform to the design principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). Methods to retrieve data from the API require a HTTP GET request. Methods that create, update or delete data require a HTTP POST, PUT or DELETE request. The API currently supports XML format for the response data. The REST API is an easy way to make programmatic HTTP requests that result in simple XML responses.

Libraries in the following programming languages are provided in the current release:
  • Java (Requires JDK 1.5 or above)
  • C#/.NET (Requires Visual Studio .NET 2005 or above)
You can build the libraries for other programming languages to facilitate ExtraTxt functionality.

Download ExtraTxt 3.2 API