ExtraTxt - How ExtraTxt Works?

How ExtraTxt Works?

ExtraTxt outbound SMS-Text Message processing

  • Online transactions can trigger text messages easily with the use of ExtraTxt API. (e.g. A bank account owner will receive a text message if a transaction occurs on their account.)
  • A corporate batch process can prepare data files from existing application databases and use ExtraTxt API to generate the corresponding bulk job of text messages. (e.g. A daily process can generate data files that contain a list of credit card payments that are due in 5 days time. The process then uses ExtraTxt API to send text message alerts to the card holders.)
  • Using a web browser, users can access the ExtraTxt Web 2.0 user interface and compose an SMS–Text Message.
  • By sending an e-mail to your corporate e-mail server using a specific mail domain name (e.g. extratxt.yourcompany.com), or a specific address on your corporate e-mail server (e.g. textmsg@yourcompany.com), you can easily route outbound text messages to the ExtraTxt server for processing.
  • After the ExtraTxt server begins to process an outbound text message job, it will dispatch the requests to its available SMS devices (GSM Modem, SMSC) and the text message will be sent out. In cases where the SMS device may be attached to a remote port server, ExtraTxt will transfer the text message there for processing by its local SMS devices.

ExtraTxt inbound SMS-Text Message processing

The ExtraTxt Server or Extracomm Remote Port server listens continuously for incoming SMS-Text Messages. Once a text message is received, it will deposit it into the database repository on the ExtraTxt Server.

Incoming SMS-Text Messages can be accessed in the following ways:
  • A user can log into the ExtraTxt web browser interface and view the received SMS-Test Messages that have been designated to be for them.
  • When the ExtraTxt server receives a new inbound text message; based on inbound routing configurations it can forward the text message to a designated recipient’s e-mail inbox.
  • By using ExtraTxt API, custom company applications can be integrated with ExtraTxt to retrieve inbound text messages from the ExtraTxt server and use the content within the custom application.