Evaluate SecurTrac on HCL SoFy

In collaboration with HCL Software, Extracomm has announced the ability for prospective customers who have interest to test drive SecurTrac, to experience SecurTrac on the HCL SoFy platform. On the HCL SoFy platform, SecurTrac can be deployed and evaluated in the Cloud without the need to install SecurTrac on a local on-premise HCL Domino server.

In order to evaluate Extracomm’s SecurTrac product on the HCL SoFy platform, simply go to the HCL SoFy web site and register for an account. Once an account has been created, access the SecurTrac page on HCL SoFy . Be sure to review the “SecurTrac Overview” and “Evaluating SecurTrac on SoFy” sections on the HCL Sofy site for full details. When ready to begin the evaluation of SecurTrac, select “Launch”. Once the Sandbox image of Domino that includes SecurTrac has been provisioned and launched, an HCL Notes client must be configured on your PC to access the Domino server on the SoFy platform. The recommendation would be to install the HCL Notes 12 client in a Windows 10/11 Virtual Machine, e.g. on Hyper-V or another virtual platform. Installing the standard HCL Notes client, including the Administrator and Designer client are recommended. The Domino Administrator client can then be used to access the Domino server console of the sandbox evaluation server for HCL Domino – SecurTrac. Once the HCL Notes client program files have been installed, launch the HCL Notes client and proceed to configure it.

    Please note that HCL SoFy Domino - SecurTrac sandbox images expire after 6 hours, however the duration can be easily extended.

    Please visit http://www.extracomm.com/SecurTrac/ for more product information and get access to SecurTrac product tutorials that are available on the Extracomm YouTube channel.

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