SecurTrac 2.6.2 for Windows/Linux/AIX NPA

New Product Announcement Apr 5, 2024

Extracomm is proud to announce the release of SecurTrac 2.6.2 for Windows/Linux/AIX. The licensed version is available at no charge to all the customers who purchased the SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan and those customers who purchased SecurTrac after Apr 5, 2023.

What's New?

1. Supports Domino 14

Bug fixes and updates

1. Fixed a compatibility issue with Domino server 14
- When an email is edited and resent, the Mail Policy is unable to properly quarantine or delete the email.

The SecurTrac 2.6.2 upgrade is available at no cost to the following customers:

* Free upgrade for customers who are on a Maintenance Plus plan.
* Free upgrade for customers who purchased SecurTrac after Apr 5, 2023.

If you have not purchased a SecurTrac Maintenance Plus plan, but wish to learn more about SecurTrac 2.6.2, please contact your local Extracomm Authorized Reseller or Extracomm sales at You can also contact Extracomm by dialing +1 905-709-8602.

With continual changes to operating systems and new product features, we encourage customers to consider our yearly maintenance plan to ensure continual technical support and updates.

Key Links:

Download SecurTrac 2.6.2

Maintenance Plan Descriptions

SecurTrac 2.6.2 may be purchased from an Extracomm Authorized Reseller.

List of Resellers

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