SecurTrac Service Offerings

Extracomm Professional Services


Extracomm offers a full complement of Professional Services for ensuring a quick and successful deployment of SecurTrac from the smallest business to the largest global enterprise.

These services can be delivered through the web or on-site.

Rates for courses of training are dependent upon which course is selected as well as any travel expenses.

QuickStart Essentials

During a SecurTrac QuickStart Essentials , the System Engineer will accomplish the following:

A) Planning

1. Environmental Survey

      Customer will be sent an environmental survey via email to be filled out and submitted prior to Step #2 of the Planning stage. The survey will include important questions regarding the customer’s environment, personnel, and needs

2. Pre-QuickStart Conference
      Prior to the scheduled QuickStart, and after the environmental survey has been completed and submitted, the assigned Systems Engineer will meet with the customer via telephone to review the following items, to ensure that the time of the actual service is spent efficiently and wisely.
    a. Review environmental survey responses
    b. Review hardware and software requirements
    c. Scheduled start times and end times for the service
    d. Discuss who will be involved during the installation, configuration, and training portions of the QuickStart
    e. Review the schedule – what will be accomplished during the QuickStart
    f. Review license information – how many licenses purchased, how many installations will be done, how many servers, etc.
    g. If it will be a remote service, instructions for logging into the Sametime meeting will be reviewed and a browser test will be done to ensure that there will be no connectivity issues during the service
    h. If customer purchased a QuickStart Essentials Plus or QuickStart Premier, discuss available options for the additional time (see below)
    i. Which types of Monitors will be utilized?
    j. What databases will be monitored, and what kind of changes will be tracked?
    k. Who will SecurTrac be deployed to?
    l. Will additional customization be necessary?
    m. Will selection formulas be utilized in monitors?

B) Installation/Administration Tasks
      *Please note that the QuickStart Essentials includes the installation and configuration of SecurTrac on one (1) Domino server. The installation can be performed on a production server, or on a test server, as specified by the customer.

1. Installation of SecurTrac
    a. Bring down Domino server
    b. Run installation
    c. Enter license key into notes.ini
    d. Bring Domino server back up
    e. Verify SecurTrac task is running
2. Review/demonstrate upgrade procedures for future reference
3. Verify SecurTrac setup
    a. Create notes.ini monitor document
    b. Make test change to notes.ini
    c. Verify logging occurred in SecurTrac log database
4. Create Audit Trail Smarticon on administrator’s workspace
    a. Deploy smarticons to other users that will be utilizing SecurTrac
    b. Train on the creation of smarticons
5. Verify design elements signed by current server id
    a. If customer signs databases in their environment with a different id, then Systems Engineer will sign design elements with the Administrator client
6. Review ACL settings for templates, and databases created from templates
    a. Change settings, add users where appropriate

C) Configuration

1. Mail Monitor
    a. Review all tabs on the form
    b. Create Monitor document and demonstrate
      i. Advanced – Create formulas for filtering by subject, body, etc.
2. Database monitor
    a. Create Document monitor to track changes
      i. Advanced – Create formulas for filtering document changes to monitor
    b. Create Design monitor to track design changes
    c. Create ACL monitor to track ACL changes
    d. Review monitoring of attachment changes
    e. Make changes and demonstrate
3. Domino Directory Monitor
    a. Review all types of changes and documents that can be monitored in the Directory
    b. Create Document monitor to track changes
    c. Make changes and demonstrate
4. Notes.ini Monitor
    a. Create Notes.ini monitor and demonstrate
5. Intrusion Detection Monitor
    a. Review predefined events for monitoring
    b. Demonstrate custom event monitoring
    c. Create Monitor and demonstrate
6. Demonstrate assigning severity to monitors
7. Demonstrate combining multiple monitors for advanced configurations

D) Logging

1. Review Mail Monitor logging
2. Review Database Monitor logging
3. Review Domino Directory Monitor logging
4. Review Notes.ini Monitor logging
5. Review Intrusion Detection Monitor logging
6. Demonstrate searching the log database
7. Review mail notifications
8. Demonstrate Audit Trail smarticon functionality
9. Discuss creation of custom views/reporting

QuickStart Essentials Plus– QuickStart Essentials Premier

During a SecurTrac QuickStart Essentials Plus, or a QuickStart Premier, the Systems Engineer will accomplish all of the topics in QuickStart Essentials, as well as a choice of the following, depending on customer needs and available time (to be determined during the Planning stage):

A) Administration/User Training (Maximum of 10 people per session)

1. Review installation and administration tasks
2. Review/demonstration of Configuration tasks, including creation of Monitor documents
3. Review/demonstration of logging options

B) Application Integration/Customization

1. Creation of advanced monitors, using selection formulas, multiple monitors
2. Setting up all monitors and testing
3. Integrating SecurTrac in other customer applications

C) Additional Server installations and Monitor configuration

Additional services available at an hourly rate:

A) Additional application integration/customization
B) Training on Standard topics

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