Top 10 reasons why you need ExtraFax!

Top 10 reasons why you need ExtraFax!

1. ExtraFax is a native HCL Domino & Microsoft Exchange faxing solution that requires only one central database to run.

2. ExtraFax supports clustering and failover to ensure high availability of faxing services.

3. ExtraFax can be deployed in a Full Cloud or Hybrid Cloud implementation, therefore eliminating the need for expensive hardware and telecommunications gateways.

4. ExtraFax has been successfully deployed using Analog, Digital & Fax-over-IP (FoIP), Full Cloud and Hybrid Cloud technologies.

5. ExtraFax uses native printing to ensure quality conversion of file attachments into a fax format.

6. ExtraFax has an enhanced API that allows you to integrate ExtraFax with other applications.

7. ExtraFax supports the sending and receiving of SMS messages.

8. Use ExtraFax for accurate and efficient delivery of inbound faxes based on such methods as DID/DTMF, Caller ID, PORT level or bar code based routing.

9. ExtraFax supports Searchable PDF for reliable Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allowing users to search documents quickly.

10. ExtraFax allows you to restrict access for users and/or fax administrators to only see the cover page of a fax ensuring document confidentiality.