ExtraFax 9.0.1 for Notes/Domino (Linux Edition) NPA

New Product Announcement - July 20, 2015

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax 9.0.1 for Notes/Domino (Linux Edition). This version of ExtraFax requires Lotus Domino Server 8.0.x or a later version.

ExtraFax for Notes/Domino (Linux Edition) Highlights:

If your Domino environment is based on a Linux platform, you can now install ExtraFax natively on your Linux based Domino Server. Absolutely no Windows server or workstation is required with this version!

Similar to the Windows counterpart, ExtraFax for Notes/Domino (Linux Edition) also supports native printing and rendering of file attachments by using their native application. Please note that rendering of Ms-Office files in this version of ExtraFax requires OpenOffice.org, since Microsoft Office is not available for Linux.

Below is a list of supported platforms for running ExtraFax for Linux:
   - RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 and 6
          Supported fax devices include modems, Brooktrout Fax Boards, Dialogic Fax Boards, Diva Fax Boards (CAPI 2.0 compliant)
   - SuSE Linux 10 and 11
          Supported fax devices include modems, Diva Fax Boards (CAPI 2.0 compliant)
   - Ubuntu 12 and 13
          Supported fax devices include modems

Please note that drivers for modems or Dialogic Diva fax boards being used on a Linux platform must be obtained through the hardware manufacturer. Drivers for Dialogic Brooktrout fax boards can be obtained from the Extracomm download page.

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