ExtraFax – The ultimate fax/sms server for HCL Notes & Domino

ExtraFax is a native Domino faxing solution that integrates seamlessly with Lotus Notes e-mail, enabling users to send and receive faxes, text and multimedia messages directly from their e-mail or web client. Easy to use and to learn, ExtraFax is an add-on application that was built from the ground up. Completely scalable to meet the needs of any organization – from SMB to large enterprises – ExtraFax is an award-winning product proven to be the ultimate fax server for Domino.


Ease of Use

  • Sending a fax is as easy as sending an e-mail, whether it is from a user’s Lotus Notes mail database or via iNotes. Anything that can be printed in Windows can be faxed.

Safeguard Confidential Documents

  • Restrict access for users and/or fax administrators to only see the cover page of a fax, ensuring the contents of the fax remain private and confidential. For heightened security, route inbound faxes directly to individual inboxes using DID routing.

Fax-over-IP (FoIP) Support

  • ExtraFax supports FoIP which allows users to send faxes using an existing VoIP infrastructure.

ExtraFax Hybrid Cloud Solution

  • ExtraFax via etherFAX offers a unique solution that extends existing fax technology to the cloud by eliminating the complexities and costs of provisioning PRI, T1, and/or analog connections. ExtraFax offers an innovative fax-in-the-cloud Hybrid Cloud solution offered as a subscription service.    Learn More.......

SMS-Text Messaging & MMS-Multimedia Messaging

  • ExtraFax’s SMS and MMS gateways allow users to send and receive text and multimedia messages directly from their Lotus Notes mail database or via iNotes.

OCR Support

  • Searching large documents for a small piece of information can be tedious and time consuming. With OCR, users have the ability to quickly search faxes saved in TIFF or searchable PDF format for pertinent information, saving time and increasing productivity.

Native Printing

  • Native printing ensures quality conversions of file attachments into a fax format so that the way the attachment is viewed in its native application is how the document will appear when faxed.

Centralized Database

  • ExtraFax requires only one central database to run. All configurations, user preferences, cover pages, logs and fax queues are all centrally managed in one post office database.

Enhanced API/Web Service

  • Programmers working in Java, Visual C#.NET, Visual Basic.NET and ASP.NET can benefit from the newly enhanced ExtraFax API which allows them to integrate ExtraFax into your custom enterprise applications and ERP solutions.

Cover Page Wizard

  • Using a Wizard style interface, create cover pages seamlessly. End users and administrators can also preview the available ExtraFax cover pages before they are used.

Clustering, Fail-over and Load Balancing

  • By supporting clustering, fail-over and load balancing, ExtraFax is able to ensure high availability and scalability of faxing services.

Inbound Routing

  • Deliver inbound faxes based on CSID, IVR, DID/DTMF, Caller ID, PORT level or bar code based routing. ExtraFax can generate and recognize QR bar codes (right), and 3 of 9 bar codes (left). Bar codes can be incorporated into an organization’s standardized forms to be used for automatic inbound routing purposes.
3 of 9 bar code
ExtraFax - 3 of 9 Barcode recognition

QR code
ExtraFax - QRcode recognition

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