ExtraFax 9.5.5 is available for download now!

New Product Announcement - September 1, 2023

Extracomm Inc. is proud to announce the availability of ExtraFax 9.5.5 for HCL Notes/Domino. This new maintenance release contains many innovative new features, essential enhancements and critical fixes as described below.

What's New in ExtraFax 9.5.5

New features and enhancements - This version contains the following useful new features and enhancements:

- Domino/Notes 12 Ready

- Support for 64-bit Notes Client

- ExtraFax now supports installations on Windows Server 2022 and Windows 11

- ExtraFax now supports the use of Brooktrout 6.16.0 driver

* New fixes and updates - ExtraFax 9.5.5 contains several fixes and updates since ExtraFax 9.5.4:

- ExtraFax Database Template: Reduce the likelihood of encountering save conflicts for outgoing fax jobs in a clustered ExtraFax environment.

- ExtraFax Database Template: The "Run on behalf of" property was set with an incorrect value for some of the agents. Fixed.

For new installation, please:

Follow the installation instructions mentioned in ExtraFax Installation Guide.

How to upgrade from a previous version of ExtraFax:

Please make sure you have a valid ExtraFax 9.5.5 license key before upgrading. License keys from any previous version are not compatible.
You can upgrade to this version if you have purchased our Maintenance Plus Plan or Standard Maintenance Plan for ExtraFax 9.5.

Please kindly contact our Authorized Reseller or Extracomm Sales Team at sales@extracomm.com for maintenance plan pricing.

SMS/MMS port is under license (port/channel) control.
For ExtraFax Enterprise and Standard licenses, SMS/MMS port will be counted as one fax board channel.
For ExtraFax Lite and UltraLite licenses, SMS/MMS port will be counted as one fax modem port.

Upgrade Procedure:

1. Backup your existing extrafax.nsf and make note of any customizations. In advance of upgrading ExtraFax you should make sure that the design elements in your extrafax.nsf are not marked as "Prohibit design refresh or replace to modify"), otherwise the database design upgrade process may not complete properly.

2. For users of Brooktrout TR1034/TruFax/SR140, if you are using a Brooktrout driver older than version 6.16.0, please download and reinstall with the Brooktrout 6.16.0 driver.

3. Run the ExtraFax setup program to start installing the latest version of ExtraFax. You can perform in-place upgrades. There is no need to un-install the previous version of ExtraFax before installing ExtraFax 9.5.5.

4. You will now be prompted to specify the ExtraFax license key during the ExtraFax Server installation process.

5. Following the installation of ExtraFax, when you start ExtraFax it will automatically upgrade the design of extrafax.nsf (Highly Recommended) if you have chosen to do so as prompted in the setup program.

6. Following the completion of the automatic design upgrade, manually apply any previous database customizations (if any) to the post office database if necessary.

7. You can manually update the database title from the Basics tab of the Database Properties box to reflect the updated version of ExtraFax.

8. Restart the ExtraFax server and test to confirm that it is running normally.

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