SecurTrac – Monitors and audits your HCL Notes & Domino environment

SecurTrac, the award-winning product that monitors and audits your knowledge assets, is a non-disruptive and non intrusive compliance solution for corporate governance and auditing. It is the only complete audit trail system that tracks the life cycle of all objects, as well as all operational activities within the HCL Notes & Domino environment. A native HCL Domino add-in task, SecurTrac can be configured to meet all of your compliance needs and concerns, whether you’re an SMB or a large enterprise.

New!   How SecurTrac and SecurSearch Help to Enable GDPR Compliance

SecurTrac Features

Mail Monitor

  • Tracks and monitors all e-mail messages and associated events: send, receive, open, update, delete, route, undelivered and illegal open.
  • Detects and highlights message body changes. {More}
  • Logs all e-mail delegation activities.
  • Specifies whose e-mail messages and which events are to be monitored.

Database Monitor

  • Logs all changes - open, update, addition, deletion.
  • Logs design element changes.
  • Logs database agent activities.
  • Logs Access Control List (ACL) changes.
  • User definable document selection criteria.
  • Stores attachment versions.

Domino Directory Monitor

  • Logs document changes(Create/Update/Delete).
  • Logs any design element changes - forms and field changes.
  • Logs Access Control List (ACL) changes.

Notes.ini File Monitor

  • Logs content and/or last modified time changes.
  • Records all changes even if files are edited with an external editing tool.
  • Displays changes as well as previous parameter values.

Criteria to Match - Formula Wizard

  • Use the new Formula Wizard to select more specific granular monitoring conditions. No more need to know formula language!

Mail Policy Filter

  • Enforcement to filter out, quarantine and report on e-mail that violates configured SecurTrac e-mail policies.
  • Will not interfere or conflict with any Domino Anti-Virus software.
  • Create new e-mail policies easily using the new SecurTrac Formula Wizard.
  • Send file attachments to e-mail recipients through secure download links and with use of verification codes.

Full Admin detection and logging

  • Log Full Access Administration activity in Mail databases, Domino application databases as well as the Domino Directory for Create, Open, Update & Delete actions. {A case study}

User Activity Monitor

  • Monitors user database activities - (Database Open, Database Close, View Open, Document Create/Open/Update/Delete).

Intrusion Detection Monitor

  • Logs and monitors occurrences of malicious events – illegal access to databases, illegal database creation, illegal server access, database deletion, access without authorized public key and more.
  • Select from a list of pre-defined events or specify user defined events.

Bulk Action Detection

  • SecurTrac’s bulk action detection feature can be configured to monitor for any bulk action that occurs within your Domino environment, such as bulk deletion of e-mail or database documents.

Easily restore deleted or updated documents, design elements and ACL

  • Available in the Database and Domino Directory monitors, is the option to export the original document/design element/ACL into a DXL format. From the SecurTrac log, at the click of a button, the administrator can rollback deleted or modified documents/design elements/ACL back to the version that is stored in the SecurTrac log document.

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